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Since 1986, Design Development Architects has always been a small to medium sized office.  We take pride in our "large family" approach with our employees, and with our clients.  With a goal of creating functional, beautiful design that inspires you, the best way to do that is to cultivate an office culture that allows everyone to shine and do their best work. 

We take pride in our long staff tenure and our shared "family" experiences.  These qualities make us better designers.

As a team building trip (and reward for hard work), in the fall some years our office takes a long weekend trip to a major US city to experience the architecture and culture of that region.  As an office, we hope to absorb some ideas and insights that we can bring back to incorporate into next year's projects, as well as have some bonding time together.  Some of the notable cities include Seattle, Phoenix, Dallas, Chicago, Cincinnati, and New York.  (Check out some of our travel photos above)


More frequently, we try to make a local trips to see a new piece of architecture, or visit one of the projects we currently have under construction.  


And every week we enjoy a staff lunch together where we try to make some time to have a round-table discussion about design, new technologies, Green-building ideas, or maybe even catch up on a few staff vacation pictures.

We feel that an inspired team creates an inspired design, and that is the foundation for a great project and a satisfied client.

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