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We have had several instances of Covid and Covid exposure resulting in lost productivity due to quarantine.  Several of our staff have school age children that are affected by exposure to Covid and the possibility of positive test results.  To protect our staff and their families, we have established this policy for meetings our staff will attend.  We appreciate your cooperation.



Video Conferencing

(Google Meets / Zoom, etc)

  • As many meetings as practical and possible should be via video conferencing

  • We have Google Meets and Zoom accounts that allow sharing of presentation materials to all participants


Group Meetings

  • Meeting must be in a room large enough to allow adequate social distancing (i.e. a classroom vs a conference room)

  • All participants must wear masks


One on One meetings

  • Participants wear masks


Outdoor Meetings

  • As many meetings as practical should be held outside

    • This applies primarily to construction meetings.

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